Spruce Hill: Artist Applies Henna Skills to Raise Money for Charities

Spruce Hill resident Christina Madeha has been using her steady hand and passion for henna to help raise money for different charities. Since starting her business Alhuda Henna Fashions in 2009, Madeha has donated her time to help raise money for several well-known and local charity organizations.

“I had initially heard about henna when I saw this guy who had it in his beard,” Madeha said. “I asked him about it, and he told me that women do it on their hands. I just wanted to figure out how to do that.”

After purchasing henna from an ethnic store, Madeha took her interest to the next level. She began to practice more and more, and from there she started to put together her own designs. Now, she uses 100 percent natural henna imported directly from India, which she mixes with lavender, tea tree oils, sugar and lemon juice.

Henna BookSince turning her hobby into a paying job, the Spruce Hill artist has taken part in many local events and applied henna to all different kinds of people. While the area is full of culture already, she said her art brings another aspect of it.

Madeha said she decided to begin donating a portion of her proceeds to different charities close to her heart. Cancer-related charities have been a big recipient of her contributions, since she lost a family member to the disease. In the past, she has given to Relay for Life, Luau for Life, the American Cancer Society, Abramson Cancer Center and American Red Cross, as well as several other organizations.

“I really like to help with homelessness and feeding the poor as well,” Madeha said. “I don’t necessarily tell people about that. I do research, and I like to go with what’s local. Those are the people who need it the most, and you can really see that impact.”

When it comes to donations, she said her customers are usually very sympathetic and willing to help, especially if the cause is close to their heart. Hands

“I love the work that Christina did, and it’s just an added bonus that some of the money she makes goes to charity,” said client Nicollette Moran. “I just think that what she does is so generous.”

Madeha said she is always looking for good causes to help and will continue to do so by sharing her henna talent.


Text, video and images by Shauna Cottle

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