Fishtown: Bicycle Stable Has Philly on Two Wheels

Tristan Ellsworth, employee at the Bicycle Stable

With the high costs of driving and maintaining a car in the city, Philadelphians have started to opt for a environmentally safe and healthy choice for transportation: biking. Road rage and pesky searches for parking can be downgraded pretty quickly with the ability to switch out four wheels for two. And there’s a place in Fishtown to get all the gear and info for any experience-level rider.

Located at 1420 Frankford Ave., the Bicycle Stable not only sells bikes but also provides full service maintenance for any minor or major problems with a bike.

“Philadelphia is a very bike friendly city, it’s getting more bike friendly every year,” says Tommy Manson, a Kensington resident as well as an employee at the Bicycle Stable.

Tommy Manson, employee of the Bicycle Stable
Tommy Manson, employee of the Bicycle Stable

But with the numerous accidents that occur within these Philly streets, how can one be totally sure that both drivers and cyclists can share the road?

“Philly has really been improving its cycling infrastructure,” says Tristan Ellsworth, another employee from the Bicycle Stable. “They’ve improved bike lanes. They’ve changed the laws so now cyclists can take up the whole lane on any road. They’ve instituted three foot mandatory passing distance for cars and there’s also some other new legislative changes in the event of a collision or any other accident that gives a cyclist the right to pursue cases against automobiles.”

In addition, Ellworth notes on how cycling in any city has been seen on the rise as the result of the 2007-2008 recession, with bike sales going up while car sales going down.

Be sure to stop in for any bike questions or just check out a new ride, Philly’s definitely on the come up for cycling.

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– Text, video and images by Indira Jimenez.


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