Northern Liberties: Healing, Helping and Finding Homes for Animals

Street Tails Animal Rescue’s mission is to give the homeless and unwanted the second chance they all deserve- with a focus on those with special needs. The volunteers at STAR devote their time, energy, and love to give those animals another shot at a happy healthy life.

Lumpkin-Individual 2One of the unique qualities of STAR is that they take in dogs that may have some sort of medial issue or disability. One of the rescues named Fluffer Nutter, a 5-year-old Chihuahua mix, came to STAR underweight and with a tumor.

“I think what sets us apart from other rescues is the fact that we look past the special needs they have and see the real dog inside,” said longtime volunteer Johanna Grassia.

STAR also sells merchandise for animals including food, treats, toys, leashes and dog beds. The profit the store makes from selling these items – as well various donations from the community – is what STAR uses in order to pay for the animals’ care. Fluffer Nutter is now cancer free and waiting to find his forever home.

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“We’ll take the mange puppy,” said Grassia. “We’ll take a dog who has a hip problem or needs his leg amputated. We’ll take them in and get them healthy.”

The adoption fees for the animals also help cover any needs an animal may have, like being spayed or neutered, and all of their shots.

If someone adopts a rescue and they cannot care for the animal anymore, STAR will give a full refund, take the dog back and continue to care for them.

“We do our best to keep animals out of ACCT, which is the Animal Care and Control Team in Philadelphia,” said Grassia. “If one animal comes in, that means one has to go out in order to make room.”

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Devon Kelemen, the only actual paid employee at STAR, is the manager who keeps the rescue running.

“I cover the desk, administrative, adoption papers, licensing of the animals as well as keeping records of where the animal is at, whether they are adopted, in foster care, etc.” said Kelemen. “It’s a lot of work but it’s all worth it once that animal finds their forever home.”

STAR is always looking for volunteers to help with rescues and continues to save the lives of animals and give them the chance of finding a happy home.

– Text, video and images by Taylor Lumpkin.

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