Holmesburg: Location is the Biggest Problem for The Healing Way Methadone Clinic

Holmesburg: Location is the Biggest Problem for The Healing Way Methadone Clinic
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Since it opened last June, The Healing Way methadone clinic in Holmesburg has continued to receive some backlash from the residents living near by. The biggest problem surrounding the clinic is its location, located at 7900 Frankford Ave., just blocks away from residents and businesses.

The clinic, who refused to speak with the media, is said to see around 80 to 100 patients per day, according to local resident Patti Vaughn. Vaughn played a large part in trying to get the clinic shut down but her efforts were unsuccessful.

“I’m so passionate about this issue,” Vaughn said.


State Representative Kevin Boyle’s former chief of staff, Seth Kaplan, was in opposition of the location of the clinic.

“We [he and Kevin Boyle] were opposed to how the owners went about choosing the location and how they were operating their business,” said Kaplan. “We had a number of rallies and community forums, and held various fundraisers to raise money for the legal funds, like the cost of attorneys and appeals.”

Frankford Avenue is a bustling commercial corridor in Northeast Philadelphia.


“While we were looking to revitalize the avenue, that kind of business didn’t fall into line to what the revitalization should be,” Kaplan explained. “We felt that the location was the biggest issue and had no opposition to the business itself.”

Crime statistics show that in the last year, 86 police calls were made for the surrounding area, many of which were simple traffic violations. There was no evidence that the crime rate in the area increased because of the opening of the clinic and no reports of crimes committed by patients were found.

Vaughn and Kaplan both agree that it’s the location of the clinic that is the problem, not what the clinic provides.

“I think clinics like these are clearly needed for individuals who are battling addictions,” said Kaplan. “In fact, there need to be clinics and resources available but it’s really a matter of having the proper location. A library, a day care center and residents are within a close vicinity to the clinic. That’s where the problem lies.”

Eric Horvath, the director of communications for Councilman Bobby Henon, said that the councilman himself was strongly opposed to the clinic and even paid for an appeal.

“Bobby is in favor of treatment and recognizes the need for responsible clinics,” said Horvath. “But Bobby’s concerns echoed those in the community: location, and who was running it.”

Overall, Henon felt the same as the majority of the opposers. According to Horvath, Henon has been cautiously optimistic but is still asking neighbors to remain vigilant and monitor the area.

Images, video and text by Allie Kachapuridze.

4 Responses to Holmesburg: Location is the Biggest Problem for The Healing Way Methadone Clinic

  1. Lisa Rossi April 30, 2015 at 5:32 am

    They have an active security guard on duty anytime the clinic is open.

  2. k April 30, 2015 at 8:40 pm

    It could be coincidence, but I’ve noticed a lot more strung out, panhandling folks in the neighborhood over there past year. I see this near Walgreens, Shoprite , wawa and other random places. I’m starting to feel uncomfortable in my own neighborhood.

  3. Susan August 7, 2015 at 10:10 am

    I have lived in this neighborhood, a few blocks away from the clinic, for 20+ years. I was also against the location of the clinic, even though I am a client of the clinic. I, like others, thought it would bring an “undesirable” group of people to the neighborhood. However, the owners and staff of the clinic have done a fantastic job of monitoring and securing the area. Even though the clinic opened in August 2014, I, like many others in the neighborhood, was unaware that it was even open and operating until late September/early October, thanks to the clinic’s policies on loitering, noise, etc (which, by the way, are STRICTLY enforced). I take issue with several statements in this report. First, there is a security guard on duty AT ALL TIMES when the clinic is open. Secondly, parking spaces in Holmesburg have ALWAYS been at a premium. To blame the clinic staff for taking all the spaces is ridiculous. The staff is very small, only a handful of people at present. As for the clients taking spaces, on most days clients are in the clinic for approximately 10 minutes, maybe less. The clinic staff watches carefully that the clients do not park illegally, or block handicap access. However, like any other business, it is impossible to be 100% effective in this. But they do a very good job with it, again STRICTLY enforcing their policies. I wonder if this was a doctor’s or dentist’s office that opened, or any other type of business, for that matter, if these ridiculous statements about parking would have been made. Anyway, as a long time resident of this neighborhood, I commend The Healing Way on the wonderful job they are doing, balancing the needs of the neighborhood with the needs of those people who need help.

  4. Mark April 9, 2017 at 1:19 pm

    Security guards are a joke I believe they’re there just to get paid read their Google reviews. And think this place open I’ve seen the security guard maybe two times in the first couple weeks and I haven’t seen in patrol the neighborhood since

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