Logan: Legendary Record Promotor Rules Internet Radio

The age of the Internet is in full affect and reshaping the state of radio. Consumers can access music more freely and selectively than ever before.

With the help of the Internet and cellphone apps, independent Internet radio stations are becoming more and more popular, so much that Raymond “Brock” Brockington decided to start his own.

Brockington, 48, is originally from the Olney section of Philadelphia. He has been working as a music promoter in Philadelphia for more than 16 years. Brockington has helped develop street teams and radio soldiers for artists on labels such as Def Jam, Atlantic Records, Universal Music Group and more.

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In the early 2000s, DJ Cosmic Kev, Jay Ones and Brockington established the company Heat Holders Record Pool. Heat Holders was designed to use multimedia to help bring awareness to an artist. Brockington often found himself fighting to persuade radio stations or DJs into playing an artist’s record.

“They might not like a record and I might understand that the record is hot,” said Brockington. “I like talking people through it and changing people’s minds.”

Philadelphia is the fourth largest media market in the country.  If an artist’s presence blossoms here, it is considered a big deal. Brockington utilized clubs, barbershops, salons, street corners and concerts to promote new records released by the labels.

After years of maneuvering through radio’s chain of command, Brock decided to begin his own Internet radio station: Blazin 267 Radio.

“The slogan of my station is: ‘We say and play what we want,'” he said, “because we Philly to the world bitches!”

Located at 4906 Old York Rd. in the Logan section of Philadelphia, Blazin 267 runs all day, everyday and has more than 10 programmed shows.

The shows cover a wide range of topics, themes, and music. DJ Malc Geez, DJ Yankee and DJ Sonny James are of the several DJs with shows on Blazin 267 Radio. Through the Tune In app, available via smartphone, Blazin 267 is readily available and tuned into by listeners both in America and other countries.

“The digital world is just taking off like crazy. I just wanted to give artists an opportunity to be heard.”

– Text,video and images by Terence Oliver.

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