Manayunk: Thanks4Giving Clothing Drive Provides Local and City-Wide Benefits

North Light Community Center has been serving families in Manayunk and nearby Roxborough for 80 years, and the Thanks4Giving Clothing Drive, which runs until December 31st,  is one of the ways North Light is able to continue its success. The drive was created by Joe DeCandido, CEO of ADVENT, and it’s a partnership with Impact Thrift Stores.


Impact gives North Light money for every pound of clothing collected at 30 different drop points. The poundage has increased every year, and in its third year the goal is to collect 20,000 pounds.

“The clothes go to Impact, which then helps a wide variety of people,” said Irene A. Madrak, North Light’s executive director.

Impact Thrift Stores sell the clothes to people who can’t afford to pay market price.

“The clothes that come in are nicer, so they’re able to sell a lot more,”  said DeCandido.


Although the Thanks4Giving Clothing Drive benefits North Light directly, it also helps affiliated organizations.

“Impact also funds a variety of nonprofits around the region, so you could be helping up to seven nonprofits just by giving us your old sweatshirts,” said Dana Debeck, North Light’s director of institutional advancement. w=640 h=352]

-Text, images, and video by Veronica DeKett.

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