Brewerytown: Five Cafes That Serve Coffee With A Twist

There’s no question that Brewerytown has seen numerous changes throughout the years. Once known for its many breweries, it is now recognized for the new establishments in the area — especially the cafes. In a city filled with cafes and restaurants, it’s hard to stand out. Jennifer Vanderheyden (above), a barista at Kayuh Bicycles and Cafe, is just one of the people you could meet while grabbing a cup of coffee.

Le Cat Cafe

Located at 2713 W. Girard Ave., Le Cat Cafe serves Brewerytown locals coffee and cats. The cafe is the first cat adoption platform for Green Street Rescue (GSR), a non-profit that has been rescuing stray cats in the area for more than 14 years. The coffee shop, which opened in March 2016, has helped GSR gain more recognition. Patrons of Le Cat Cafe are able to interact with adoption-available cats while sipping coffee.


The Monkey & the Elephant

The Monkey & the Elephant, located at 2831 W. Girard Ave., opened in 2008 as the city’s first non-profit coffee shop. The M&E Program has a mission to educate and employ former foster children, helping them become self-sufficient adults. So far the program has a 100 percent post-program employment rate, meaning that all six program graduates have found jobs after working at The Monkey & the Elephant.


iMunch Cafe

To the typical cafe-goer, the iMunch Cafe appears to be the neighborhood cafe that attracts customers who want to indulge in both breakfast and lunch. However, the cafe, located at 1233 N. 31st St., also combines the needs of the neighborhood and the rising business energy in the area. The cafe is a convenient place for holding meetings and conferences, featuring a designated meeting room available on its second floor. For those not interested in scheduling a Center City conference room weeks in advance, iMunch could be the ideal location to grab a cup and get to work.


Kayuh Bicycles & Cafe

Kayuh Bicycles & Cafe is incorporating two cultures this city can get behind: bicycles and coffee. Established in 2012, the cafe works as a bicycle shop that caters to students — Girard College is right around the corner — and those in the community. Whether you need a tire repair, a dose of java or both, this cafe is ready to serve the needs of those on the run. You can find this cafe at 1900 W. Girard Ave.


Cafe de Lave

One of the newest cafes to call Brewerytown home, Cafe de Lave is already turning heads at 1363 N. 31st St. With its modern twist to design and decor, this cafe is one to witness for yourself. The high-ceilings are accompanied by intriguing art across the walls that calls for customers to stay and enjoy their lattes. Not only does this cafe provide quality Italian roast coffee and espresso, but it is also well known for the 100 percent fruit smoothie and juice options. 


– Text and images by Sarah Diomande and Tess Donlevie.

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