Podcast: New Program is Designed to Help Seniors Age in Place

Bobby McCurdy, at 77 years old, lives by himself in a four bedroom home in the Sharswood neighborhood. Although McCurdy lives alone, he enjoys the freedom of independent living. What McCurdy doesn’t like is the crack in his ceiling and the upstairs bathroom leak.

This podcast explores how comfortable it is for seniors to maintain their house and a new program titled CAPABLE. This low-cost initiative is designed to help seniors experience better living through home repairs and in-home health care.

Words: Nichole Currie
Music credit: End of Schwindel (ID 352) by KieLoKaz
Photo: Kimberly Paytner (WHYY)

Philadelphia Neighbors is a podcast series highlighting the experiences of the city’s many neighbors and neighborhoods. It is a collaboration between Temple’s Klein College and WHYY public radio.

Christopher Malo
Editor: PhiladelphiaNeighborhoods.com

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