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West Philadelphia: Tough Winter Brings More Potholes

https://vimeo.com/18395093] [soundslide url=”https://smcsites.com/soundslides/uploads/sp1038market/” height=550 width=600] The next and newest battle drivers face after the long winter of severe weather conditions are the potholes plaguing the city streets as the rainy months of spring have begun. […]


Walnut Hill: Messages on the Wall

https://vimeo.com/18392438] Throughout Philadelphia, murals brighten up neighborhoods and beautify industrial areas. However, for the residents of Walnut Hill the “writing on the wall” sometimes sends a controversial and confusing message to community members. On the […]

Social issues

Walnut Hill: A Community Connection

https://vimeo.com/18392419] To live on the 4600 block of Locust Street in Walnut Hill in West Philadelphia is to know tradition and to appreciate continuity. Walter and Marjorie Livingston have been living on this very street […]


Technology: A New Model for Schools

At the Science Leadership Academy the students are treated like adults, according a junior at the Science Leadership Academy, Cody Nichols. The Science Leadership Academy (SLA) is a new student oriented, project-based school. The school […]