Center City: Kickin’ Back at the Art Alliance

Matt Trigaux, owner of TrickGo, works on his mural at the Philadelphia Art Alliance.
Matt Trigaux, owner of TrickGo, works on his mural at the Philadelphia Art Alliance.

This Thursday marks the public opening of the Spring 2011 Exhibition at the Philadelphia Art Alliance, Kickin’ Back: Design for Leisure. Designers and architects were selected based upon their artistic interpretation of the concept of modern leisure in both rest and play. Andrew Dahlgren, community-based designer and co-creator of Urban Studio, curated the event.

Kickin’ Back displays a variety of work from handmade speakers to designs for public spaces, with artists hailing from the Mid-Atlantic region.

Among those chosen to exhibit their work is 21-year-old Matt Trigaux, owner and founder of TrickGo. TrickGo started as college experiment where Trigaux began selling a few T-shirts he’d designed out of his University of the Art’s freshman dorm.  Four years later TrickGo has evolved from having just three shirt designs to over 50 in its own brick and mortar store at 1135 Pine St., with an art gallery in the same location.

“Andrew wanted me to re-create part of my shop in the Art Alliance, which I did through a mural and displaying my shirts on clothes lines, same way as they’re displayed in shop,” Trigaux said.

In terms of the selection process, Trigaux said he wanted to pick a collection of T-shirts that would show TrickGo’s range as a gallery and shop. He also noted that almost all of the shirts included were collaborative designs he had done with other local Philly artists.

“I’m really excited to have been selected for the show, there are so many great companies being showcased.  In the same room as TrickGo there’s Fabric Horse and ReLoad, both great companies that I admire for keeping everything produced in Philly. Not to mention, I personally use their products every day. I’m really excited to be showing with them,” Trigaux said.

Also showing at the exhibit is Jesse Gerard, the owner of Carrot Grant and friend of Trigaux. Carrot Grant locally produces handmade speakers that focus equally on quality and design. TrickGo is the first shop in Philadelphia to carry Carrot Grant speakers, and Trigaux says they have become his “trusty little noise-makers” for the shop’s gallery openings.

Kickin’ Back will be featured in the Art Alliance’s second floor galleries located at 251 S. 18th St. now through March 25.

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