Ludlow: If Shoes Could Talk

Customers find more than they bargained for a Reverie.

Thrift stores line Girard Avenue but one store in particular seems to standout. Located on Second and Girard, Reverie truly lives up to its name.

Customers find more than they bargained for at Reverie.

As you walk in through the doors it really feels as though you are in a dream. You are thrown feet first into a time machine that takes you back into every era you can think of. Purses from the 50’s. Shoes from the 20’s. Earrings from the 80’s. It’s like history class with style.

What makes this shopping experience stand out from those you may have at Express or Macy’s is that every piece of clothing in Reverie has a story.

Ana Troncoso shows off some of her favorite pieces.

Ana Troncoso is one of three owners. She is a teacher but has always loved vintage clothing. “I love picturing what the people were like that wore these clothes.”

Gone are the days where you show up at school wearing the same shirt as the girl next to you. Each item in Reverie is one of a kind, which is what makes vintage shopping so special.

Troncoso encourages customers to try on something that catches their eye. It’s like playing dress up when you’re a little kid. Reverie makes shopping fun again and each purchase makes you feel like you have a little bit of history with you.

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