Mayfair: Local Citizen Gets Involved

Donny Smith has lived in Mayfair all his life.

Donny Smith has lived in Mayfair all his life. He’s a third-generation resident. His grandparents lived in Mayfair. His parents lived in Mayfair.

Donny Smith has lived in Mayfair his entire life.

“I’ve lived in Mayfair my entire life and over that time I’ve seen several changes in my neighborhood. Some that were good and some that were concerning,” Smith said. “It become obvious that it was time to pull up my boot straps, dig in and get involved, so that’s what I did.”

Smith’s interest in his neighborhood inspired him to become very active. He’s a member of the Mayfair Civic Association, Mayfair Business Association and a writer for local entertainment magazine Out on the Town.  He also teaches a boxing class in Mayfair.

“The Civic Association and the Mayfair Business Association work really well together and as a result we’ve brought new things to Mayfair and made old things even better,” Smith said.

Smith has been a part of the Fallen Heroes Run, The Mayfair Mayfair, The Thanksgiving Day Parade, The Christmas Tree Ceremony, Easter Egg Hunt and recently the Mayfair Memorial Playground.

Smith said he hopes that Mayfair can once again become a place its residents take pride in.

“Back in the day the neighbors all knew each other and they took pride in their homes and their neighborhood. I’m not saying those days are gone. I just don’t want to see any more of it drift away,” Smith said.

He hopes Mayfair can become a fun place for people to visit.

“Anything that is fun and pulls the community together is what I’d like to see,” Smith said. “We’ve got a good group of people living here and I’d like to see it stay that way.”

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