Logan: Kid’s Corner Child Care

Kids Corner teachers develop educational activities and art assignments for the children.
Located on 4815 Old York Road, Kid's Corner Child Care Center welcomes familes with young children into the early learning program.

Kid’s Corner Child Care Center has provided the Logan community with strong foundations for young learners. Located on 4815 Old York Road, the brightly decorated building has welcomed families into the facility for over four years.

Kid’s Corner, which is open from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. on weekdays, has strived to provide children with an early learning experience that helps to enrich their development.

The center offers child care and a summer camp for the community. In addition, the center provides transportation for children who attend neighborhood schools and welcomes subsidized and welfare benefits as optional forms of payment.

Director and owner Yolanda Ellis has served as a dedicated professional in the early childhood development field for several years. With a bachelor’s degree in early childhood education, Ellis has developed two early learning centers, the first one housed in Feltonville.

Kid's Corner teachers develop educational activities and art assignments for the children.

Kid’s Corner will provide a free summer camp for the program’s attendees. The free camp will be offered for one week during the summer and includes trips to the movies and neighboring swimming pools.

Kid’s Corner’s after-school program offers enrichment to school-aged children. Teachers and teaching aides assist with homework and help foster each child’s creative ability with art and craft activities.

“Our program is more diverse,” said Jawana Joseph, a teacher at the program. “We offer a lot more educational programs and activities.”

Children enjoy a healthy snack after their afternoon nap.

In an effort to keep parents invested in their children’s school work, school- aged children are given homework each week. This has encouraged parents to get involved with their child’s academic development.

Ellis said she hopes to expand the early learning program into a third facility.


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