Powelton Village: Paper Dolls Boutique

Jean Cheng is the manager of Paper Dolls.
Jean Cheng is the manager of Paper Dolls.

At 40th Street and Lancaster Avenue is Paper Dolls, a new boutique. The small shop opened on March 6 and features women’s clothing. Inside, the walls are lined with purses and T-shirts and the floor is stocked with racks and shelves of colorful, trendy apparel, jewelry and accessories.

“It has different, unique items,” said Jean Cheng, the store manager. Having always been interested in fashion as a teenager, Cheng enjoys working at the store. She is also a close friend of Shreeka Grange, the owner of the shop.

“She’s kind of like my godsister,” Cheng said.

Because it is one of the few women’s clothing retailers in the vicinity, shoppers often find the location of the store to be very convenient, even though it’s not in a commercial area.

The shop sells women's clothing and accessories.

“If they want to go out, they can come here and not go downtown or to the mall,” Cheng said. Despite the competition that comes from two or three other clothing shops on the block, she also said that having some similar stores nearby actually brings in more business. The well-known women’s clothing chain, Rainbow, is directly across the street, but it doesn’t negatively affect Paper Dolls.

“It brings in more traffic,” she said. “When women shop they can’t just stop at one place so they come here after.”


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