Technology: Achieving Energy Efficiency Through Thermal Imaging

Craig Rodgers, Mark Group Home Performance Advisor, takes measurements of Rosie Foster's basement.]

Even though humans are warm blooded there is always a constant struggle to be comfortable in one’s home. In the winter

Craig Rodgers, Mark Group Home Performance Advisor, uses a handheld thermal imaging device to check for temperature variation.

everyone wears layers of clothes or bundles up in blankets and in the summer it all comes off to avoid sweating through one’s tank top. If there weren’t heating and cooling bills to worry about this seasonal shift would not bother so many, but those pesky utility bills aren’t going away anytime soon. This is where the Mark Group and its handy tool belt come in.

The Mark Group uses state-of-the-art technology to assess and improve the homes’ energy efficiency. Currently the Mark Group uses a blower door, which is a high-speed fan that connects to the outside of the homeowner’s door and pulls air out of the house. By pulling air out of the house the air pressure is lowered and higher pressured air from outside will begin to come in through any cracks and holes. This allows the homeowner to see exactly where sealing or insulation needs to be installed.

Rosie Foster, homeowner, and Craig Rodgers, Mark Group Home Performance Advisor, discuss the ways that Rosie can make her home more energy efficient.

The Mark Group also uses thermal imaging so that homeowners can actually see where the temperature in their home differentiates. Currently the Mark Group uses a small handheld device during in-home inspections, but in October the technology will really be rolling.

A van equipped with high-speed thermal imaging and satellites will capture a thermal image of homes’ exteriors, which will illustrate energy loss. This is a huge leap from Mark’s currently capabilities as the mobilized thermal-imaging van can capture 1,000 homes per hour.

When asked what this means for the customer, Abby Feinstein, Sales and Marketing Manager for Mark, said, “One of the greatest barriers to scaling energy efficiency is awareness. In the United States, people are not familiar with the levers they can pull to make their homes more energy efficient, which saves energy consumption and money.”

Craig Rodgers, Mark Group Home Performance Advisor, takes measurements of Rosie Foster's basement.

With this new technology homeowners can look up their home’s thermal image online instead of scheduling an in-home assessment. The mobile imaging technology will provide a cheaper and more accessible way for homeowners to make informed decisions about energy efficiency.



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