Chestnut Hill: Residents of 8th District Unaware of Upcoming Elections

Many owners and residents of Chestnut Hill, seen here at Kitchen Kapers, are in the dark about the Eighth District City Council elections.

The 8th District City Council elections may just be a month away, but the candidates continue to battle their toughest opponent. Few people said they know much about the upcoming city primary. Along the Germantown corridor of Chestnut Hill, many storeowners said they were not even aware the 8th District had its own City Council representative.

Many owners and residents of Chestnut Hill are in the dark about the 8th District City Council elections.

Barbara Schulz of Chestnut Hill may not have known that the important election will finally see a new councilman or woman in office after 16 years, but she had plenty to say about Philadelphia politics. “I’m fed up with the whole system from City Hall on down. Corruption falls like dominoes,” said the co-owner, with her husband, of The Antique Gallery at 8523 Germantown Ave.

The upcoming month will be filled with events for 8th District residents to learn about the candidates and the issues they pledge to address. The campaign will include the 8th District candidates’ debate on April 27 at the First Presbyterian Church, located at 35 W. Chelten Ave. The debate will be the conclusion to the three “Eyes on the Eighth” voters’ forums that were hosted by this past month. The candidates listened in as attendees of the events expressed their concerns with zoning, education and public safety. With the election quickly approaching on May 17, it is now time for residents to hear the candidates’ voices. Perhaps that will make people more aware of the upcoming election.

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