Hunting Park: Need A Haircut? There Are Plenty of Barbers

Aphillyated Barberz is located 619 Rising Sun Ave.

While walking the streets, it is hard to miss all the barber shops and salons. On North Fifth Street one of the busier streets in the area, you can find numerous barber shops and unisex salons. In the morning or in the evening, these shops are busy with clients.

Aphillyated Barberz is located 619 Rising Sun Ave.

But not all these barbers are located together. Some shops stand alone by themselves like Aphillyated Barberz on Rising Sun Avenue. Aphillyated Barberz has been around for eight months and has developed a nice clientele. The barbers see a wide variety of customers of all races in the area, from young to old.

Alex Carrea, 26, has worked at the shop for a couple of months. He originally started with his barber skills at the age of 17, but now it has panned out to be a full-time job. “I kind of ran into it,” Carrea said. Working in the barber business can be competitive Carrea said, “because you are competing for your clientele.” He said he enjoys interacting with his clientele as their conversations are always interesting.

Inside of Aphillyated Barberz.

When a barber shop is not busy, there is not much to do for the barbers themselves. “You get your good days, and you get your bad days,” Carrea said. “Holidays and weekends are the busiest.”

Unlike a retail job, the best part about being a barber, Carrea said, “There’s no boss to tell me what to do.”


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