Point Breeze: Five Ways to Enjoy Point Breeze

Coffee shops and barber shops that double as art venues, an outdoor eatery with a sardine can hanging from the side of the restaurant, murals scattered along the sides of buildings and city views worth stopping for.

You can find all of this within the South Philadelphia neighborhood. Take a look …

The Pharmacy

Owner Gary Viteri transformed an old pharmacy, located on the corner of 18ᵗʰ and Wharton streets, into a place where the community enjoys coffee, local art and live music. It was an ultimate DIY project that is evident in the mismatched furniture and thumbtacked merchandise on the walls.

 “Since the neighborhood has been changing a lot, we’ve been getting a lot of newcomers who come here,” barista Davey Jones said, “especially people who just moved to the city from all over the country.”

H. Smith Shop

Shaun Miller, founder of H. Smith Shop, wants his customers to not just go get a haircut but to have an experience. The Point Breeze resident focuses on using art, style and wellness to create a space for people to incorporate art and self-care.

Customers can find style inspiration, learn the art of shaving, view the local art gallery or attend a live music event.

American Sardine Bar

American Sardine Bar is hard to miss, on the corner of Federal and 18th streets. The bar’s large sardine can that hangs at the front entrance and its bright exterior is a quirky way to attract customers. The spot is best known for its signature sardine sandwich and brewed beers.

Visitors can enjoy their meals and beverages at tabletop or bar seating. The bar also offers outdoor patio seating in lawn chairs.

The Concert Garden

This garden, complete with benches, lush greenery, picnic tables and a vibrant mural, is the perfect place to enjoy a nice day in the city. The corner plot, located at Ellsworth and 21ˢᵗ streets, is open to the public but can also be rented for private events.

The garden’s landscaper, Art Johnson, pictured on the left, gets his reading done in this urban oasis.

Intersection of 17ᵗʰ and Wharton streets

Where 17ᵗʰ Street meets Wharton lies an opportunity for an Instagram worthy photo. The background is none other than the Philadelphia skyline. Pose in the middle of the street with the Liberty Place buildings and the Comcast tower rising up behind you.

– Images and text by Gabriela Bertot and Tracie Thompson.

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