Brewerytown: Redevelopment Continues to Bring Change to Area

Rental and sale sings are a common sight all throughout the Brewerytown neighborhood.

As you walk down Girard Street in Brewerytown the signs of change are extremely obvious. When crossing over 29th Street it can feel as if you walked into a real estate catalog as for sale and rent signs litter the front steps and windows of properties for more than a block. What was once a block decorated with abandoned homes and mistreated properties is now the face of a neighborhood that is viewed by some as an up and coming hope for the city.

Rental and sale sings are a common sight all throughout the Brewerytown neighborhood.

There is a real cause for hope in Brewerytown as much of this new development has brought about positive change in the area.  No longer is the area known for violence and poverty as much of the renovation has brought a positive buzz about the community.

“It is interesting to see a neighborhood go from a place no one wants to be, to a place everyone has to be,” Richie Hinkle said, a 40-year-old U.S. Postal Worker in the area who many know as “Richie the Mailman.”  Hinkle has worked his route for over five years now and took the time to acknowledge even the way he has handled his route has changed in that time.

Not only has Brewerytown changed its perception by redeveloping dilapidated property but it also has received assistance from dedicated community organizations such as the Greater Brewerytown Development Corp., which helps lessen the burden on government by identifying the issues relevant to the Brewerytown residents.  With resources such as these it is easy to see what the buzz in Brewerytown is all about.

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