Manayunk: Owner Unfazed After Burglary

Joel Dahan's store was broken into early May 26.
Joel Dahan's store was broken into early May 26.

When Joel Dahan was awakened this week with a call from the security company that monitors his Manayunk store, Tag Denim at 4358 Main St,, he thought it might just be about some rowdy baseball fans accidentally setting off the security system.

It was soon obvious that the disturbance was no accident. Rather, it was a burglary that left the front window in pieces and robbed Dahan of an entire rack of expensive clothing.

“When I first realized, I said ‘Aw, not this weekend,’” Dahan said. The weekend in question is Memorial Day weekend, which Dahan said is normally busy with holiday shoppers and employees working to keep the store clean and orderly.

Despite the losses, Dahan seemed upbeat. “I’m a happy camper. It’s only clothing. I’m glad nobody got hurt,” Dahan said.

Dahan put the rock used to break his window on display.

But he did get one thing from the burglary: the rock that was used to smash in his window. Dahan has it on display in the store, draped in jewelry. “We’re using it as a souvenir, a memento,” he said.

Dahan thanked his customers for their support after the break-in and noted that the crime has not changed his view of Manayunk. “Come to Manayunk, we’re still a good place to shop. We’ve got everything here,” he said.

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