Amateur Sports: Five Places For The Beginner Amateur Athlete

Although most schools and communities offer youth recreational sports, not every person chooses to participate as a youngster. Often times, gyms and high intensity sport clubs can potentially intimidate an individual that has zero or little background in working out or playing sports. Fortunately for these types of folks, Philadelphia is home to a vast network of amateur sports venues, clubs and activity centers. Here are five that have programs or segments dedicated specifically to the beginner amateur athlete.

Philly Yoga Factory

Philly Yoga Factory, located on Samson Street in Center City, is a donation based fitness collective. There are no memberships, and classes are pay as you wish, which makes it a perfect starting place for the newbie yogi. Mat and towel rentals are only two dollars, which makes this spot a reasonably priced, low commitment place to begin practicing. In addition, every Sunday the Philly Yoga Factory plays host to popular athletic clothing company Lululemon, which provides free community yoga sessions that are open to the public.



The YMCA is a classic organization that is well known throughout the United States. The YMCA, or Young Men’s Christian Association, was originally founded in 1844 in order to put Christian principles to practice and develop the mind, body, and spirit. Today, the YMCA provides recreational services and classes to athletes of all levels, as well as exercise and wellness education. Beginner level classes are offered in many activities, including pilates, swimming, and traditional gym sports. Babysitting services are also offered to members who have children and still wish to participate in activities. Memberships are offered at any local branch, such as the Columbia North branch pictured, and anyone is welcome to join.

Sweat M

SWEAT Fitness

SWEAT Fitness, located on Arch Street in Center City, provides fitness classes and direction for athletes of all levels. Here, the unsure exercise explorer is offered a free trial period to ease in and experience what Sweat offers before fully committing to a membership. Private swimming lessons are available for all ages, and group water aerobics classes catered to a beginner. Sweat also offers various fitness classes such as cycling, Cardio Step and Dance Party Boot Camp.

Philly Sport Social

Philly Sport and Social Club

If recreational sports is the preferred exercise method, Philly Sport and Social Club offers various adult leagues that are perfect for any level of athlete. Its headquarters are located on Manayunk Avenue in Manayunk, but events are held all throughout the city. Basketball, kickball, and competitive cornhole are just some of the many sports offered to members.

Skate Zone

Flyers Skate Zone: Northeast

If the new athlete prefers a colder workout atmosphere, The Flyers Skate Zone in the Northeast. is the perfect place for a beginner hockey player or skater. One of four Flyers Skate Zone’s, Doc Bresler’s Cavity Busters Flyers Skate Zone offers skating clinics for both ice and roller hockey. They have a six week program that includes learning how to skate, puck handling, and lessons on how to pass and shoot. They provide rental skates at no extra cost, and inexpensive starter equipment is available in their “Gear Zone” on-site store. Not only do they offer lessons to both children and adults, the Northeast Flyers Skate Zone also supports the Ed Snider Youth Hockey Foundation’s programming.

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