Broad Street: A Community Center for People of All Ages

Shawna Lisa, the senior project director, and Steve Cotilus, the assistant director, are dedicated to bringing the community together at Fels South Philadelphia Community Center.

Fels South Philadelphia Community Center, located at 2407 South Broad St., is a 43,000-square-foot facility dedicated to serving the community. The center was opened in 1999 and provides a variety of services to people of all ages.

Steve Cotilus,  the assistant director, explained that the community center is part of Caring People Alliance. Founded in 1932, Caring People Alliance was established to empower Philadelphia’s youth to become positive citizens and leaders. The community-based programs and services available at Fels South Philadelphia Community Center help to reach this goal.

The center has an early learning program for children ages 1-5, an after-school program and summer camp for school-aged children, a Boys and Girls Club for children ages 13-17 and an older adults program for adults 55 years and older. Cotilus explained that the center is a multipurpose venue that is important to the community.

The center is funded by the state of Pennsylvania, city of Philadelphia, Philadelphia Corp. for Aging and donations. It is also an affiliate of the Boys and Girls Clubs of America, one of Philadelphia’s most successful human service agencies, and is accredited by the National Institute of Senior Citizens.

For more information about Fels South Philadelphia Community Center or to read about its programs and services, visit

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