By Andrew Lecointe and Derek Dennis

North Central: Lifeline to Keep Kids Away from Crime

North Central: Lifeline to Keep Kids Away from Crime
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Paythia Jenkins, CEO of New Start Foundation, linked up with TUTV general manager Paul Gluck to create Lifeline.

The New Start Foundation and Temple University TV (TUTV) are working on a project together that seeks to inspire city kids currently wrapped in a life of crime.

This collaboration between these two entities puts ex-criminals on TUTV to share their story about dealing with drugs and crime. The New Start Foundation is a North Philadelphia-based organization that helps youth in this city avoid heading down the wrong path that too frequently ends up with repeated trips to prison.

Paythia Jenkins, the CEO of the New Start Foundation, is excited about the possibilities of the program and the inspiration it could bring to youth. “We have adults who are telling their life story of how they got caught up in the court system and how they changed their lives around,” Jenkins said.

TUTV started taping for the documentary last month.

The stories from ex-criminals are televised on TUTV’s cable network, acccessible to most homes receiving cable service from Comcast. The documentary segments, called Lifeline, began filming in the middle of May 2011 and began airing on TUTV’s cable network the following month.

Lifeline program serves to inspire the youth of the city to stay out of trouble.

Jenkins does not know how long the documentary will air but is hopeful that targeted viewers will learn from it and learn to not make the same mistakes in their lives.

The New Start Foundation has established connections with several other groups in Philadelphia and also in Camden, N.J., for their involvement in the program.


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