Powelton Village: Fencing Academy of Philadelphia

A fencing instructor at the Fencing Academy of Philadelphia demostrates a warmup exercise to her students.
A fencing instructor at the Fencing Academy of Philadelphia demonstrates a warm-up exercise to her students.

The last thing anyone would expect to see in West Philadelphia would be a Fencing academy. But the unexpected is always possible.

Located at 3519 Lancaster Avenue is the Fencing Academy of Philadelphia. Fencing isn’t normally the first sport thought about in Philadelphia but it does exist. The Fencing Academy of Philadelphia offers beginner, intermediate and advanced classes. Classes are available for students as young as age 8 and go all the way up to 70 years old!

The summer programs at the Fencing Academy are geared to people who have already been exposed to this sport. Not only does the Academy help those learning but it is also has a training facility to those who compete at the national level. The Fencing Academy of Philadelphia’s website explains the sport to be both physical and mental.  Beyond the physical element fencing works on concentration and tactical thinking plus decision making. Knowing the right time to physically act is critical in this sport.

The Fencing Academy of Philadelphia is frequented by Masters of Fencing from all over the world.

Interested in learning how to fence? Just call 215-382-0293 or email at fencefap@hotmail.com

Equipment at the Fencing Academy of Philadelphia sits for eager students to utilize.




  1. Myra is going to be 14 y/o this may.She has been fencing at the fencing club in Reading PA for 2 years. She attended class and fences there. I would like to enroll in the summer camp or training class this summer or longer if it fits her need. How do I go about to do that? Thanks.

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