Fairhill: 2Infamous Tries to Make a Positive Impact

Mercedes Valle sat on the wall surrounding the event.
Car enthusiasts had a chance to check out some souped up cars.

It’s hard to get the public’s attention in Fairhill, where music is always blasting from someone’s car and people are out of their houses talking with neighbors. Even so, the 2Infamous annual car contest does a pretty good job at catching your eye. Set up in the parking lot at Fifth and Huntingdon streets, the event, though not packed with people, was drawing attention.

Mercedes Valle threw the event for 2infamous, a club for car and motorcycle enthusiasts. The club, she says, does more than bring together motorcycle and car enthusiast, it creates a safe a fun activity for urban youth to be a part of.

“Things like this promote good behavior and we bring other non-profits too,” said Valle. “It’s just good for the neighborhood.”

Valle has been working with the 2Infamous club for five years, though she used to be an administrative assistant at Congreso. She said she’s seen lots of young men come to Congreso for different types of counseling and saw that many of them lacked positive groups to be a part of.

Mercedes Valle sat on the wall surrounding the event.

“I was the gateway (at Congreso),” she said. “They (youths) were doing the wrong things but there was nothing in the neighborhood for them to do.”

2Infamous came to the rescue for these bored and mislead youths. Along with these car shows, they have become an extended family to many people in the North Philadelphia area. “We try to keep them on the right path so they actually have a chance out here,” Valle said.

2Infamous doesn’t work alone though. In past events, a number of non-profit organizations help 2Infamous put it together. One in particular is Richard DeJesus, a resident of the area. He comes and brings food and chips to various events, paying for it all out of pocket.

The trophies sat against the wall until it was time to announce a winner.

From afar, the even just looks like a car show, but what 2Infamous wants to do for its community is so much more.

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