Northeast Philadelphia: Champ Nutrition, Philly’s Hardcore Fitness Store

Champ Nutrition has been the mecca of bodybuilding supplements and equipment since opening its doors in 1997. Located at 3338 Grant Ave., the fitness shop provides customers with everything they need to stay healthy, and get to their ideal body weight.

Storeowner Eric Caskey interacting with a regular.

In today’s corporate world of giant chain store companies and the digital world of online shopping for products, Champ’s business has not shown any sign of slowing down.

A longtime resident of Northeast Philadelphia, Eric Caskey tries to ensure his store is the opposite of a pushy, indifferent chain store.

“Most of those places just have cashiers working whose sole purpose is to push their house brand, which makes them more money.  We don’t have any house brands here,” Caskey said.  “We bring in the best products and if they want to buy it, it’s alright with us.”

Compared to other nutrition stores, Caskey makes sure every customer that walks through his store gets a personal experience because he knows that without them, he is in trouble.

“We pretty much know everybody by name and we see them sometimes twice a week,” Caskey said. He is so dedicated to his customers that he even makes special shipments to customers who have moved six states away.

Caskey was training five days a week when he decided to open his own store.  “There was no place to buy this stuff besides the mall store, so that’s how this whole place came about.”

A large section of the store is taken up by hardcore weightlifting equipment for the more serious customers.  Accessories such as barbells, smith machines and kettlebells are popular with local gym owners looking to replace their old equipment.

Will Rizer is one of Champ’s loyal customers.  He makes the trip to the store from his Bensalem home because he knows he will get exactly what he needs.

“It’s awesome.  I try not to shop anywhere else.  These guys know their stuff and they won’t steer you wrong,” Rizer said.

Caskey values his relationship with his customers and his hometown.  “This is my neighborhood so I want to keep giving the best that I can.”

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