Chestnut Hill: Gallery Promotes Local Artists

If there’s one thing worth knowing about Chestnut Hill, Steve Berg, a local artist and co-owner of the Nichols Berg Gallery, said it’s that the area is a “hotbed of artists teeming with talent.”

Berg (pictured) and Nichols both experiment with encaustic painting, which uses heated beeswax.

Berg and his partner, Scott Nichols, opened the gallery two years ago after moving to the area from Seattle. Berg said he and Nichols originally planned to use the space as a studio where they would offer classes and only occasionally hold exhibitions. As they became involved in the local arts community and expanded their space, Berg said the gallery’s reputation and repertoire of art shows “grew and grew.”

Given Chestnut Hill’s size and distance from Center City, Berg said the neighborhood has become one of Philadelphia’s “best kept secrets” for art. He said the gallery and its increasing recognition allow residents and visitors alike to experience art they may not otherwise see.

“There’s a really interesting and thriving art scene here,” he said. “If people would come here, they would see really innovative art.”

The gallery’s newest showcase, “Folktales”, features eight local artists and runs through the April 30. Works featured in the exhibition draw upon various personal and well-known mythologies.

The Nichols Berg Gallery is located at 8611 Germantown Ave.

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  1. Hello,
    My name is Jennifer and I am a graduate student who would like to begin the process of getting my work shown within a local gallery. I am a photographer that works with mixed media. I would like to hear more about showing some of my work within your gallery. I look forward to hearing from you.

    Jennifer Gordon

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