Hunting Park: Roberto Clemente Middle School Asking Price Deadline Extended

The Roberto Clemente Middle School has sat untouched for the past 14 years.

The former Roberto Clemente Middle School building in Hunting Park remains without a bid after the Philadelphia School District put it up for auction more than three months ago.

The Roberto Clemente Middle School has sat untouched for the past 14 years.

“The asking price for Roberto Clemente is $250,000,” said School District Communications Officer Deirdre Darragh, adding the asking price has been updated and the deadline extended.

The building has been abandoned for the past 14 years and has increasingly become an eyesore to the community.

Not only is the building not aesthetically pleasing, it is also posing danger to the community. Fallen debris from the building line the streets as well as garbage and needles from the inhabitants of the abandoned building. The middle school also contained asbestos infested materials, which still reside inside the building today.

Philadelphia Neighborhoods previously reported that Roberto Clemente Middle School might be a hard sell because scrappers began taking metal pieces from the building and selling them at local scrapyards. The school district had hopes of selling the building as close to market value as possible because of the budget deficit the district currently faces.

The original deadline for the building to be sold was February 21, 2012.


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