Al Dia: Half Laundromat, Half Community Gallery

A woman patiently waited by the window.


A father and son waited for the last cycle to finish.
A father and son waited for the last cycle to finish.

A local businesswoman has added is a new spin to her laundromat. Lisa Budnick displays art in her laundromat gallery and is seeking to focus on Latino art.

Art at Budnick’s unique gallery is displayed permanently and temporarily for six to eight weeks. The work now displayed is by artist Renee Grannobile who is a patron of the laundromat.

Lisa Budnick wanted to get out of the corporate world and she did with a laundromat in South Philadelphia.

Budnick said taking over the 10th Street Laundromat on the corner of South 10th and Ellsworth streets 12 years ago was “a transformation for me.”

The south side of the storefront building housing this gallery looks like any other laundromat. It has been there for years.

However, the sest side of the building is different. A mosaic of tiles surrounds a large window. The tiles extend into the interior where more than just washers and dryers sit side by side.

Budnick didn’t want to use the typical wall-to-wall mirrors in her laundromat. She chose to “Put up art!”

Budnick is seeking the work of more local artists. She is interested in featuring the work of local Latino artists as well, but she hasn’t had anyone show a serious interest.

The neighborhood has gone through several changes over the years and there are many improvements currently being made in the community. This makes Budnick happy, yet she said, “Every house that gets renovated has a washer and dryer in it.” That could mean less business in the future.

Lisa Budnick can be contacted at the laundromat by calling 215-463-3100 or by visiting

A permanent piece was painted on the back wall.
A permanent artwork painted on the back wall.


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