North Philadelphia: Convenience Store Owner Makes A Difference

Addahbly processed a purchase for a customer in his store.
Addahbly processed a purchase for a customer in his store.

On a block known to some for its violence, Sammer Addahbly is trying to do some good.

Addahbly, 26, reopened Philly’s Choice Deli on the corner of Carlisle and York streets two years ago. Since May 2010, Addahbly has been running and managing the store, which was shut down 13 years ago, after his father — who previously owned it — had died.

“It’s starting to be a good block,” Addahby said. “The people who used to live in this neighborhood have either moved out, got locked up or died. It’s one of the reasons I wanted to open this store. I saw the potential of making good money.”

Philly’s Choice Deli has everything from juice and chips to underwear and hoagie sandwiches.

“I love coming to this store,” customer Anthony Butts said. “I’ve been coming to this store for four years now. I come about three or four times a day. It’s a clean store and it’s good for the neighborhood.”

Addahbly admitted that running a successful store comes with a struggle.

“I put up with a lot of bull crap with the people who come in this store, but I don’t let that stop me,” he said. “There are a lot of good people who come, too, and I’m here for them as well.”

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