Kensington: Growers of Neighborhoods

Since 1997, Greensgrow Farms has been an active member of Kensington, Philadelphia. A nationally recognized leader in urban farming, the farm aims to grow food in sustainable and economical ways.

Through the use of greenhouses and high tunnel farming, the farm grows food that is sold at their farm stand In addition to selling produce, the farm offers workshops, volunteering opportunities, and educational tours.

“It’s kind of become this really cool little hub for anyone with an interest in growing, in consuming, in digging in the dirt and anything else,” Katelyn Repash, the lead farmer at Greensgrow, said.

As part of its community supported agriculture (CSA) projects, Greensgrow connects lower income families with healthy food options through its SNAP Box Program.

“We believe that people should have access to good local food and that actually have the facilities and the means to do that,” Jimmy Matesevac, the fresh food manager, said.

The farm also networks with more than 50 farms outside the city in a 150-mile radius to provide a wider range of product options at its farm stand.

By Jared Whalen

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