Kensington: Community Service to a Man’s Best Friend

One of the many dogs that reside at the home of Stephanie Marsh.

South Kensington resident Stephanie Marsh has invested the past three years helping rebuild her community, people and dogs alike.

One of the many dogs that receive the care of Wag the Dog.

Marsh’s mother always had a passion to save animals by providing rescue dogs with her love and home. That passion passed to Marsh so she opened her own private business Wag the Dog, located at 1730 N. Fifth St.

“We’ve been slow to grow,” said Marsh. Although she only sees about 15 dogs per week the business is a success in her eyes.

Marsh’s business includes dog walking and socialization between all of the dogs she oversees in a given time period.

Recently Marsh added two new members to her crew, Olivia Diehl and Nick Reed. The new crew members are also passionate dog lovers that were looking for a way to become more involved. The team is specially trained to walk the dogs and is also CPR certified.

The vacant lot outside of Stephanie Marsh's home that she has been working on cleaning up.

When Marsh is not out waking the dogs she is out in the community helping clean up parks and attending community events.

“I love dogs and I’m glad that I get to do what I’m passionate about,” Marsh said. “But I love working in the community.”

March’s current improvement project is cleaning up the vacant lot outside of her home. That lot is filled with trash and stacks of tires. Her goal is to turn it into a park with benches and a place to host outdoor movie nights. Marsh explained that the main goal is to show movies about the prison system. She said, “Prison affects people in the neighborhood.”

Marsh said she hoped that one day she will be able to turn Wag the Dog into a co-op, contributing to the rise of community organizations in Philadelphia.


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