Kensington: Somerset Neighbors’ Plan ‘Clean and Green’ for Vacant Lots

This vacant lot at Somerset and Helen Streets will be host of the first Clean and Green Project, which takes place on Oct. 27th.
This vacant lot at Somerset and Helen streets will be host of the first Clean and Green Project, which takes place on Oct. 27.

Since last September, the Somerset Neighbors for Better Living has tackled the topic of what to do with vacant lots during its monthly meetings.

This civic association in Kensington is now ready to roll of Clean and Green Projects to transform selected vacant lots in the boundaries of Lehigh Avenue to Cambria Street and Kensington Avenue to Trenton Avenue.

Clean and Green are beautification projects designed specifically for vacant lots and were created by SNFBL’s Clean and Green Project committee.

During a meeting in early September, the Clean and Green Project committee showcased an image of a designated garden filled with an encouraging “Paradise Can Be In Your Own Neighborhood” destination sign. The sign is surrounded by a garden of flowers and plants.

Laura Semmelroth, community assistant for the New Kensington Community Development Corp., said SNFBL decided it wanted to do Clean and Green projects to fill a number of Kensington’s vacant lots after deliberating on a project plan for six to eight months.

“They’re pursuing to do this project on Oct. 27 and they’re trying to get support because they need volunteers to help on that day,” Semmelroth said.

The project will take place at Somerset and Helen streets, the first location chosen by the SNFBL to be installed with a Clean and Green Project.

Semmelroth said Philadelphia Equal Partnership in Change Stakeholders funded this initial Clean and Green Project.

Three additional sites will be announced during an upcoming SNFBL monthly meetings including the details for a different Clean and Green Project idea installation.


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