South Philadelphia: Grocery Provides Unique Food to the Neighborhood

Andrew Erace, owner of Green Aisle Grocery, works the counter of his East Passyunk Avenue grocery store.
Andrew Erace, owner of Green Aisle Grocery, worked the counter of his East Passyunk Avenue grocery store.

Back in November of 2009, brothers Adam and Andrew Erace, opened up Green Aisle Grocery, a  small yet comprehensive foodery on East Passyunk without any formal business plan.

“We really saw how Passyunk Avenue was evolving into a vibrant commercial neighborhood with more eclectic businesses and we wanted to be a part of it all,” Andrew Erace said. “We really wanted to be involved in something that really contributed to a changing neighborhood.”

And contributing is just what the Erace brothers have done.

Their market is utilizing only local farmers and distributors. Green Aisle works with Green Meadows Farms, Three Springs Fruit Farms and several others. Further, Green Aisle creates its own line of products out of Paradiso Restaurant and Wine Bar’s kitchen on Mondays when those establishments are closed.

So far, canned chutneys, pickles, nut butters, infused honeys and granola are just some of the products these enterprising brothers have created themselves and will be offering as part of their holiday gift packages this year.

The Erace brothers’ grandmother lives at 10th and Mifflin streets in the same house that she was born in. Being members of the community for generations made it easy for them to tap into what sort of business they strive to sustain for the neighborhood.

“We knew about the food, knew about the people in the area and knew it would be an instant success,” Erace said. “We felt as though for us we needed to support other small business through our small business.”








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