South Philadelphia: Dog School Opens on South Street

Jackson giving a warm greeting.
Dogs welcoming Jagger, the Pug, right after his owner dropped him off for doggy daycare.
Dogs welcomed Jagger, the pug, right after his owner dropped him off for doggy daycare.

Dogs stay inside and relax in the air conditioning under the watchful eye of a babysitter at the new Philly Dog School location.

Dog School is the canine equivalent to a children’s daycare center. It is a crate free area for dog owners to drop off their furry four-legged companions before heading to work.

Dog School, located at 1737 South St., opened in March of this year.

 “It’s just a safe, fun place for them to play,” said Ryan Getwright, manager, before telling Jackson, the Labrador, to stop instigating the other dogs. “Going on walks, taking naps and playing is how we spend our days.”

While their owners are at work, the dogs of Dog School get to enjoy a day of relaxation. Balls of every shape, size and color are scattered on the yellow and dark blue checkered floors for their entertainment. There is even a doghouse large enough for a Labrador to get into, yet low enough for most of the dogs to jump onto and watch the others.

Jackson giving a warm greeting.
Jackson gave visitors a warm greeting.

The South Street Dog School is currently the second of three locations scattered throughout Philadelphia. The first being at 1039 Pine St. and the third will open at 718 North 2nd St. in June.

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