Spruce Hill: Local Business Gives Back to the Community

Jeff Cafferty at the front desk of the Homewood Suites
The kitchen and serving area of the Homewood Suites.
The kitchen and serving area of the Homewood Suites.

The early evening hours are often very busy for the kitchen staff at the Homewood Suites at 41st and Walnut streets.

For three hours each day, from Monday through Thursday, the kitchen staff serves more than 200 guests a complimentary dinner with all of the fixings, including dessert and even alcoholic beverages if you are of legal age.

But what happens to the leftovers when the kitchen closes?

Assistant General Manager Jeff Cafferty takes care of that.

“After seeing the amount of leftovers we had over the few months after opening, I knew there was something we had to do,” said Cafferty. “Out of nowhere we got a call from a church in West Philadelphia and we started to donate our leftovers to them.”

Since the first donation about a year ago, Cafferty said he can’t even keep up with all of the different places he gives to now. He says the organizations just call the hotel and he is eager to give what he has.

One place he donates to regularly is the St. Columba Shelter which is located just a few blocks north of the hotel.  This shelter is for chronically homeless, mentally ill men.

“It is nice to give to a shelter that is basically our neighbors, we see the residents once in a while and they thank us.  Putting a face on it really makes everything worth it.”


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