South of South Street: Sweet Freedom Bakery – A Treasure for Fussy Bellies

An employee serves up some autumn-inspired Apple Cider Donuts.

SweetFreedomSweet Freedom Bakery has been satisfying people with food allergies since 2010.

Located on South Street just west of Broad, Sweet Freedom claims to be Philadelphia’s first and only all-allergy-friendly bakery. All of Sweet Freedom’s treats are vegan and free of corn, gluten, wheat, tree nuts and soy.

The sweeteners used are the most natural and unrefined of sugars, with absolutely no chemical sweeteners, highly processed sugars or preservatives. The ingredients are kept secret.

Head baker Ryan Hatt explained without preservatives, Sweet Freedom’s treats spoil a lot faster than the average treat. After treats sit in the display case for a day or two, the bottom sections start to spoil. Hatt and the crew scrape the bottom portion off each treat and make icing-topped cookies with the still very yummy part.

Sweet Freedom began by offering simple allergy-free treats, like vanilla and chocolate goods, with simple decorations. As the business grew, the creativity increased.

“Instead of just being an allergen-friendly option, we’re also very boutique and gourmet now,” said Hatt.

Treats to try include the chocolate chip cookies, brownies and various flavors of cupcakes and donuts. Apple cider donuts are available during the fall season.

Hatt explained that treats can be shipped anywhere within the United States. Within Philadelphia, it’s $15 to deliver. There is a same-day delivery option that Hatt says is quite popular.

“People like it because it comes decorated (when delivered),” he said.

Since there aren’t many allergen-free bakeries out there, Sweet Freedom receives requests for shipping as far as California.

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