Spring Garden: Local DJ Throws Tribal-Themed Bonfire

Alyssa Pena showed off her cheetah face paint.

fa1301entertainmentBonfireGeditGood music, good vibes and good times were offered up for anyone wanting to join in on the fun at a local DJ’s house this last week.

DJ Royale is known in Philadelphia for pumping up crowds of partygoers on the dance floors of nightclubs all throughout the city. What people might not know is that while he wasn’t spinning at the club, he has been hosting backyard parties open to the public.

His latest party was a tribal-themed bonfire. Attendees were encouraged to embrace their wild side with body paint while dancing to eclectic beats.

“I think it is really important to bring different people together through music,” explained DJ Royale. “This is a place where open-minded people can connect and just have a good time. I’ve been throwing these parties throughout the summer and now that the weather is getting colder this is kind of our last hoorah.”

Alyssa Pena showed off her cheetah face paint.
Alyssa Pena showed off her cheetah face paint.

Other DJ’s who provided the sounds of the evening were Bruce Easly, Sat One, Lil Dave and Brian Barker. Aside from dancing the night away, partygoers enjoyed festive activities like pumpkin carving and seasonal beer and liquor tasting.

Attendee Alyssa Pena said the $10 donation that was asked at the door was well worth the experience.

“You can’t get this at a bar or at a club,” she said. “It really brings people from the neighborhood together in a more personal way and I’ll be sad to see it end.”

DJ Royale said this won’t be the last of his backyard parties. As soon as the weather gets nice again, he will be back at it.

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