CITYWIDE: Local Exhibitions Increase Art Appreciation

Guest looked at artwork in awe.
Guest looked at artwork in awe.
Guest looked at artwork in awe.

Throughout the month of November, art fans of all types will be able to view the works of some of the most creative minds in Philadelphia, thanks to CITYWIDE‘s Collective Exhibition.

CITYWIDE is a collection of creative groups throughout the city of Philadelphia. There is only one rule to join, which is each group must love their craft and be extremely dedicated to their work.

Members of the project include BYO Print, Basekamp, Highwire Gallery and Paradigm Gallery just to name a few.

An ongoing exhibition that has been very popular is BYO Print’s exhibition at Paradigm Gallery.

“I am fascinated by creative people because I could never think to create something unique like they do,” said Darryl McDuffie, a recent visitor at Paradigm. “I enjoy coming out to these exhibitions to appreciate their finished products,”

As for CITYWIDE, there are many other exhibitions to see throughout November. Other exhibitions are hosted at locations such as The Painted Bride, Practice Gallery, and Fjord Gallery.

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