Northeast: Four People You Should Know

Craig Sumsky

1. Born and raised in the Northeast, Craig Sumsky has been a disc jockey since he was a teenager. In 1992, he started Cutting Edge Entertainment and although his company is located across the train tracks of the Northeast line, he is still heavily tied to the area. Craig has maintained one of the top rated and referred DJ companies in the area, and has an incredible reputation, according to the online review service Yelp.

Retired Police Officer Mike Curry

2. After spending 36 years on the Philadelphia police force, the Northeast’s own Mike Curry is now enjoying his retirement. Curry spent 27 years at the firearms training unit at the police academy and is responsible for training hundreds of police officers that protect Philadelphia every day.

Temple University Linebacker Brandon Chudnoff

3. Brandon Chudnoff is a football product from the Northeast. He starting playing at Baldi Middle School and continued his football career at Washington High School. He transformed his athleticism into a scholarship to play at Temple University, but he hasn’t forgotten his Northeast roots.

Benny the Bum greets the patrons of his restaurant

4. Since the grand opening of Benny the Bum’s restaurant in 1992, this Northeast resident has greeted customers with an outstretched arm. While Benny stands at the front of the restaurant, patrons of this establishment enjoy a full range of shellfish.

Text and images Ean Dunn & Steven Foltz

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