Center City: Travel Back in Time at The Viceroy 1925

Imagine walking down the stairs into a small, dimly lit lounge where people are enjoying cocktails, dinner and small talk. Men are dressed in their finest suits, and the women have on pearls and satin gloves. You’re in a kind of 1920s speakeasy where the alcohol and the entertainment exude high class.

This month, Philadelphia will welcome the opening of The Viceroy 1925, where you won’t have to imagine that anymore, you can experience it for yourself.

Nestled under Davio’s restaurant at 17th and Sansom streets in Center City, The Viceroy 1925 has been developed with the intent of separating it from any other entertainment venue in Philadelphia. Rather than offer another nightclub or bar, the owners of The Viceroy 1925 have created a high-end lounge with table seating, limited standing room, no dance floors, a full service bar, fine dining and a 1920s burlesque-style production.

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Aside from the overall historical ambiance, entertainment played a big part in the creation of this unique public lounge.

A.I. Cats Studio owner Stacia Paul (right) said she was asked to provide her expertise for the production, and within two months she found a team of dancers perfect for the show. A.I. Cats Studio has provided talent for nightclubs and casinos throughout the tristate area for years. When the owners of The Viceroy 1925 asked Paul to be in charge of staffing their talent, she said she was more than ready to take on the new opportunity.

“I think this will be a great venue for people to come in to get that extra experience of what Philadelphia nightlife could offer, as well as what Philadelphia talent could offer,” she said.

In the past few years, nightlife has focused on electronic dance music and hip hop, with loud beats and go-go dancers. The Viceroy 1925 will showcase ’80s and ’90s lounge-style music and fully choreographed routines, which will be a whole new experience for most of A.I. Cats Studio’s young dancers and customers alike.

Paul couldn’t contain her excitement.

“We’re showcasing entertainers in a much different fashion than other venues have in the past,” she said. “We’re giving them, actually, a stage, so to speak, to perform on, and we’re also offering the customer a different form of entertainment to watch.”] 

– Text, video and images by Courtney Rowland.


  1. This place looks awesome. I love the old burlesque! It’s a unique and fabulous idea.. my daughter , Emily worKs there. I am looking forward to a night out there!

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