South Philadelphia: The Guy Behind Your Sexiest Nights Out

Rich D'Auria is the CEO of the Republican Bar and Centerfolds Go-Go in South Philly.

Last call in Philly doesn’t mean the party has to stop.

The Republican, a dive bar in South Philly, doesn’t have a sign and doesn’t post their hours outside. They are open from Wednesday through Sunday from 11 p.m. to 3 a.m., past regular drinking hours.

Rich D’Auria has been curating nights at The Republican Bar since he turned the club into a go-go joint, like his other club, Centerfolds Go-Go Lounge on Passyunk Avenue near 16th Street.

He relies on word-of-mouth to draw people to his two bars, so unless you knew someone, you probably never experienced these places.

You should go experience them.]

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