Chestnut Hill: Community Prepares For Winter Snow]

Chestnut Hill is preparing for another snowy season.

Residents are preparing by getting all of the supplies they need right now. Cobblestone

Sixty-three inches of powder fell in the region last year. One big issue for neighborhood residents is driveways. Some being long and steep, clearing the snow every day can be frustrating. Residents can use shovels or snow blowers, but using salt dries up all of the ice and creates friction for vehicles to drive over.

At first, residents were hesitant to think about the impending winter weather, but regarded the reminder of snow as a good way to prepare for future.

Shovels, salt and snow blowers were in stock at Kilian Hardware (below).
Smile Register Last year, the store ran out of stock many times and now employees are urging people to get set. Some estimates for this year’s snowfall put Philadelphia at 40 inches of frozen precipitation, but the only way to find out is to hunker down and wait.

– Text, video and images by Nicole Bernier

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