Chestnut Hill: Morris Arboretum Bounces Back After Harsh Winter

After the past winter with its harsh weather conditions, the Morris Arboretum is still looking to bounce back without too much delay.

“The biggest impact is the timing of flowering,” said Anthony Aiello, director of horticulture at the arboretum. “They usually are flowering around this time but we are seeing a delay, from a week and up to 10 days.”

The arboretum was started in the late 1800s by the University of Pennsylvania and displays many different plants, trees and exhibits. The arboretum offers tours and classes for any interested guests.

“The thing that people have been talking the most about is the flowering cherries, which have normally already bloomed but they are on a little delay,” said Aiello.


There was not a significant ice storm this winter so the arboretum did not suffer as bad as it has previously.

According to the National Weather Service, in March the lowest temperature in Philadelphia was 11 degrees, only 6 degrees above the record of the lowest temperature, which was in 1872.


Even with the delay of the blooming flowers, many Philadelphians are already visiting the arboretum.

“I enjoy coming to the arboretum because every season it is peaceful and beautiful,” said local resident Cathy Fasy.

“This winter we were really lucky because it was cold for a long period of time, but we did not get hit by a large snowstorm, so there was not a lot of damage,” said Aiello.

The arboretum employees are doing all they can to assist the flowers in blooming in the next few weeks.]

– Text, video and images by Maryrose Kelkis

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