Port Richmond: Five Community Businesses

Port Richmond is a close knit community, known for its large Polish and Irish immigrant population.

That said, there is plenty of diversity within the borders of the region. This diversity is seen throughout the community in stores and restaurants. Many of the owners of these stores have grown up in Port Richmond and have seen the changes throughout the neighborhood.

Here are five community businesses you should visit if you’re in the neighborhood.


Super Delicatessen: 2625 East Allegheny Ave.

Located squarely in the middle of the 2600 block of East Allegheny Avenue, Super Delicatessen is a one-stop shop for the large Polish community in Port Richmond. Stepping into the store has the feel of a real Polish deli. Each item is marked in a familiar language for the residents of this neighborhood. The store is filled with authentic Polish groceries and has a large array of lunch meats and breads.


Lure Salon: 3247 E. Thompson St.

A few blocks away, on East Thompson Street, sits Lure Salon.

Owner Jenn Lees and her staff welcome each customer and make them feel at home. The small salon offers just as much as a Center City salon would. Whether in need of a blow out or a color and cut. Lure has all that along with the addition of the community feel. Even though Lees currently resides in N.J., she feels it’s important to come back to the community she grew up in. The salon has been in Port Richmond for five years but is already a staple for many of the residents.


Mercer Café: 2619 East Westmoreland St.

Local recommendations always lead to a push in the right direction. After hearing about Mercer Café’s strong coffee and great deals, there is no reason not stop in and pay a visit to owner Thomas Woltjen and his friendly staff.

The additional outside seating adds a relaxing outdoor experience when the weather is nice. Make sure you stop in before it’s too late. Mercer Café is only open for breakfast and lunch.


Tony’s Pizzeria: 3123 Belgrade St.

Don’t be fooled by the name. Tony’s Pizzeria offers a wide variety of delectable options, not just pizza. No matter what you order, it promises to be delicious.


The Thrifty Irishman: 3251 Cedar St.

The Thrifty Irishman pays homage to the large Irish community in Port Richmond.

This thrift store has an abundance of materials to choose from. The store is constantly trying to reach out to the community and do giveaways for the less fortunate.

– Text and Images by Micahel Zahn and Dylan Keith.

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  1. Always great when a neighborhood newspaper checks out the local shoppes and shares what they are about!!! I would love to have them come and check out Something Special

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