Bella Vista/Queen Village: Five Places to Grab a Cup of Joe

Shot Tower Coffee

Bella Vista and Queen Village are neighborhoods in South Philadelphia that won’t stop growing. With a highly walkable neighborhood and an abundance of retail and restaurants, there are always great options to grab a cup of coffee or tea. Whether you want to enjoy a beverage in the comforts of these diverse coffee shops, or on a stroll through the neighborhood — down Fabric Row through the 9th Street Italian Market, or any of the other sights of Bella Vista and Queen Village, there’s a shop for everyone.

Shot Tower Coffee (pictured above)

Since Shot Tower Coffee opened in 2011, the light and airy space at 542 Christian St. has set the scene for many caffeine-fueled work sessions for neighbors surrounding the busy Bella Vista hangout. Shot Tower offers all of your favorite drinks, brewed with coffee beans from Counter Culture, along with a selection of baked goods that rotates daily.



The Living Room Cafe

Once named Cups and Chairs, The Living Room Café has seen a rebrand and refresh in early 2016 to quite the fanfare. The cafe, found at 703 S. 5th St., proudly offers an abundance of organic, gluten free and vegan options all while being locally sourced and made from scratch with the motto, “farm to table your way.”



Ox Coffee

Established in 2013, Ox Coffee is the quaint and cozy brainchild of two young but experienced baristas who have tasted their fair share of delicious coffee. With stops in New York and the Northwest, both owners appreciate their java with a jolt, brewing Stumptown’s famous beans and letting the coffee speak for itself at 616 S. 3rd St.


Gleaner’s Café
A super friendly staff, walls covered in changing art pieces and a location right in the heart of the Italian Market make it a no-brainer to come to Gleaner’s. Its bright green exterior beckons you to come in and the warm company and dynamite bagels keep you coming back, not to mention a kiss with every order — a Hershey’s kiss that is. You’ll find it at 917 S. 9th St.



Red Hook Coffee and Tea
One of the many non-fabric-related offerings on historic Fabric Row, Red Hook Coffee and Tea offers a selection of all of your favorite beverages, mixed with a menu of sandwiches, wraps and more. Order a coffee, tea or smoothie to drink at the cafe, located at 765 S. 4th St. Whether you’re stopping in for lunch or just a quick coffee on-the-go, enjoy either the warm interior of Red Hook with cozy couches and tables or a bit of a lighter setting with the bar seating along the window.

— Text and images by Taylor Farnsworth and James Orlay.

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