South Philadelphia: Five Wellness-centered Businesses around East Passyunk

Keeping up with health and wellness, both physical and mental, is made easy in South Philadelphia with the numerous gyms, wellness centers and organic-geared stores that have begun peppering the bustling neighborhood. Below are five places where visitors can approach health comfortably and at their own pace, whether that means stocking up on gourmet groceries or rocking out at a heavy metal yoga class.

South Philadelphia Community Acupuncture

South Philadelphia Community Acupuncture offers alternative healing services such as acupuncture and cupping to residents and visitors in the South Philadelphia area. Located on 1532 E. Passyunk Ave., the business has three licensed acupuncturists and even a licensed chiropractor. The business prides itself on its affordability with group treatments being in the $30-$40 range.

“Our biggest clientele is from (ages) 25 to 40,” Sam Magpi, the receptionist for the facility, said. “We get a lot of students and pregnant women, but almost every type of person comes in.”



Fitness Works

Fitness Works, a family-owned neighborhood gym, operates at 714 Reed St., in an unassuming building covered in a sprawling Isaiah Zagar mosaic. The homegrown fitness club caters to South Philadelphia’s diverse demographic with a multitude of activities and amenities, including personal training, swimming classes in the facility’s four-lane swimming pool and group exercise options such as Pilates and spinning. Though large in size, the gym maintains a close-knit vibe, with gym-goers chatting amiably with the owners at the front desk, and checking out the gym’s lending library, from which anyone is free to leave or pick up a book.


Volta Market

Owned by husband and wife duo, Lisa Volta and Adli Zalloum, Volta Market, located on 1439 East Passyunk Ave., is a boutique that sells a variety of wellness items. The couple owns Volta Organics, an organic line of bath and body items, which they sell in their store. Volta Market also sells tea, which the couple brew themselves, natural and gourmet groceries and natural home goods. Any items the two do not make are usually sourced from Philadelphia vendors, specifically vendors in the South Philadelphia area. The store also holds wellness-focused events such as activities for children and complimentary brew tasting.



Palo Santo Wellness Boutique 

For holistic healing, Palo Santo Wellness Boutique at 1707 E. Passyunk Ave. is a wellness sanctuary focused on mind, body and spirit. At the front of the shop is the boutique, where everything from herbal supplements and smudge sticks to dream pillows and custom healing jewelry are available for purchase. Palo Santo also sells their own branded items, including their wellness formulas, enlightening mists and detoxifying body washes. In the back of the shop is an intimate space used for yoga classes, massage therapy and reiki and crystal healing. Yogis venturing to Palo Santo should be prepared for anything from Vinyasa to heavy metal yoga classes.



Massage Philly

Named one of the “Best of Philly” in 2015 by Philadelphia Magazine, Massage Philly, located on 1635 East Passyunk Ave., offers a variety of massages. The business in Passyunk is one of four locations in Philadelphia. The other three are located in Bella Vista, Rittenhouse and Fairmount. Some of the types of massages the Passyunk business offers are Swedish, sports, hot stone and prenatal massage. This location also has foot, hand, scalp and sinus treatments. Massages in Massage Philly Passyunk are done behind closed doors in separate rooms giving clients privacy, quiet and relaxation.


Text and images by Hayley Chenoweth and Kelley Hey

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