Chestnut Hill: Fitness Studio Helps Clients Get Healthy Through Knowledge, Exercise

There are not many yoga studios in Chestnut Hill but that isn’t the reason Water and Rock studio stands out. Water and Rock studio stands out because it offers more than just working out. It offers yoga, martial arts, self-defense, functional fitness and mobility classes.

“I like how there is a holistic view of how to maintain a healthy lifestyle,” said client Jason Livingood. “Yoga is a major stress reliever for me, and I like that we talk about different ways to control our stress levels. And just in general I like talking about the stresses in our lives and opening up about them.”

Livingood, 45, from Chestnut Hill, needed a trainer and studio. He picked Water and Rock after meeting studio owner Japheth Brubaker and his wife Suzanne at a community event in Chestnut Hill.


“The more I heard from them about the studio, the more interested I was,” said Livingood. “I didn’t want a big gym, either. I wanted a gym that was more tailored to me, and Water and Rock studio was a perfect fit.”

Livingood goes to the studio about twice a week and can walk there from his house.

“I’m working out a few times a week now, which I never did before. My diet has really improved. I am eating more vegetables and not getting take-out,” said Livingood. “I just feel healthier and happier. I feel better about myself.”

Japheth and Suzanne Brubaker strive to keep their clients happy. They intend to help all their clients meet their goals.

“I have rarely, if ever, seen anyone not get to their goals if they follow our plan,” Japheth Brubaker said.


Brubaker likes to give single instruction for those who enjoy a challenge; however, he enjoys doing group workouts as well for those who like to surround themselves with the community.

Brian Meyer, a newer client at the Water and Rock studio, became interested in the functional fitness that the studio has to offer.

“I decided to go to this studio because I wanted more out of the yoga studio,” said Meyer, who lives nearby.

Brubaker hopes to empower all of his clients.

“My clients do not need to go on the treadmill for an hour to optimize their health, they do not need a gym membership,” he said. “They need the knowledge and to understand how to take control of their own physical and mental health.”


Suzanne Brubaker said she and her husband really connect with people.

“I think that’s one of our company’s biggest strengths – we truly care and get to know each member,” she said. “We change lives by helping people not only with transparent issues such as weight loss or injury, but also with the underlying issues such as stress or illness.”

Japheth Brubaker said the studio’s small group classes – which average about five people – enable instructors to really know and help the students.

“There is definitely no ego here, so I do believe that’s another huge factor that sets us apart from other gyms,” he said.

His wife added: “We tell our children that Dada and I are ‘helpers,’ and we help people get healthy.”

– Text, images and video by Delia Franchi and Marie Sechuk

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