South Philadelphia: Sing Slavic Raises Funds to Support Relief for Ukraine

Sing Slavic performing at Budmo!

West Philadelphia based community choir, Sing Slavic, hosted a benefit concert for Ukraine at the Fleisher Art Memorial on Friday, May 20, 2022. The show was titled Budmo!, a popular Ukrainian toast which translates to, “let us be.” 

“I like the cheerful aspect, as well as the peaceful aspect of the toast,” Rachel Drane, the Sing Slavic co-director, who named the event, said. “That’s something that we like to incorporate into our group, to have it be a celebration.”

Proceeds from the concert were donated to the United Ukrainian American Relief Committee (UUARC) to show support for Ukraine amid conflict with Russia.

Sing Slavic has been slowly growing as a space for singers with a passion for Slavic folk music in the Philadelphia area since its creation in 2011. The group celebrates inclusivity, diversity, and understanding the world through music!

“We’re all human beings, and the thing that separates us most is physical distance,” Emily Mineo, who performed at Budmo!, said. “It could happen to any of us. I think no matter where we are, it’s important. This is where we are, and this is one of the things we can do to raise money for humanitarian aid. Nobody deserves what’s happening to Ukrainians.” 

The concert included a Slavic medley performance from Sing Slavic, original music performances, poetry readings, and even featured a flower crown making station.

This episode, hosted by Caitriona O’Donohoe, features University of Pennsylvania’s Dr. Julia Alekseyeva, and Sing Slavic co-directors Rachel Drane and Cassie Glinkowski, and concert attendee Jessica Lis. 

Donations to the United Ukrainian American Relief Committee (UUARC)’s GoFundMe page can be made here.

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