South of South Street: A Little Green Goes A Long Way

You’ve probably heard that trees are good for the environment, providing clean air and shade to reduce energy consumption for heating. Graduate Hospital area residents call their sidewalk saplings street trees and say they’re more than just environmentally friendly.

“It’s nice to recognize that you’re in a city,” said resident Amanda Smith. “And yet everywhere there is nature. It’s a good vibe.”

Recent studies have linked nature with increased energy and heightened sense of well being. The University of Rochester reports that just 20 minutes outdoors a day has the power to make a person smile more.

In this case, self-worth leads to monetary worth. The Pennsylvania Horticultural Society claims planting a street tree within 50 feet of your home raises its value by 9 percent.

“The raising value is good,” said Steven Taytelbaum, who frequents the area. “It goes to show the improvement Philly is making and how it’s really becoming a sought-out place to live.”

SOSNA provides a few ways to get a street tree. For example, people can go through the Philadelphia Horticultural Society’s TreeVitalize program and get a tree for free. Tree-seekers are asked to fill out a form and participate in the planting.

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